Knowledge, Experience, Dependability.

“Medical Evaluation of Oregon/Washington is a team of medical experts with experience evaluating injuries for compensability, comprehensive history, appropriate diagnosis and treatment.”

MEOW Cares

Medical Evaluations of Oregon/Washington recognizes that clients are the reason for our existence. Our team of medical experts have experience in evaluating injuries for compensability, comprehensive history, appropriate diagnosis and treatment. MEOW's physician list includes over 30 different specialties with over 100 physicians available for medical legal work across the Northwest.

The foundation of our company and that which distinguishes us from our competitors is knowledge, education, experience, ability, dependability, accountability, reliability, deliverability, and repeatability.

We conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner with honesty and integrity. MEOW recognizes the priority role of quality, as defined by the clients; therefore as we evolve, we continue to offer only the best physicians in their industry. MEOW's administrative staff prides themselves on producing the highest quality of customer service. MEOW's staff is dedicated to quick response time to scheduling requests, accurate and expedited report turnaround time, and going the extra mile to hold true to MEOW's standards.

Medical record reviews by our professionals can assist in early assessments of your case. The expert consultants at MEOW are always available for phone consultations. All physicians listed on MEOW's physician panel list are independent contractors and not employees of MEOW.

Problems With Most Independent Medical Evaluations Are:

  • Diagnosis
  • Causal Relationship
  • Prognosis
  • Maximum Medical Improvement
  • Percent Impairment Rating
  • Work Capability
  • Appropriateness of Care
  • Recommendations With Possible
  • Functional Capacity Assessments
  • Treatment is Never Rendered
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